Having a Kundalini Awakening has been a rather lonely journey for me. I am lucky to have a friend across the country that I consider my Spiritual Mentor. He has heard about all my unusual Kundalini Symptoms and he has calmed me. He has guided me very well so far. His name is James.

But recently I met a amazing man. We have connected on so many levels and he has become my lover. Ironically he has practiced Yoga for years and knew about Kundalini. He read my profile on another site and contacted me because he was interested in Kundalini.

I had never had anyone around me when my Kundalini was really active. I did not know how he would react to my symptoms. Thankfully he lays down with me and just holds me when I need to rest and let the energy work through me. My Kundalini causes me to have a very tight neck, shoulders, and upper back. Its like energy is just pooling there and jamming at my blockage. He is able to massage my neck much better than I can. Afterwards there is a rush of energy that goes to the top of my head. Sometimes I will get lots of heat and then it all relaxes. Grounding helps some but not as much as I would like.

Having his support and understanding has been priceless. I don’t feel so isolated anymore.

He also guided me to meetup.com. I have created a Support Group for Kundalini Awakened people. I will be posting more about it.