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9 Common Foods that contain TOXIC Ingredients.

I saw this slide show and I was shocked.

You’re also getting heart-unfriendly trans-fats disguised under the new name “monoglycerides.” So be aware!

The slide show also brings up Phosphoric Acid which is in Coke products and probably Pepsi too. It has been shown to block calcium absorption. I am have been trying to take more calcium so this is just another reason to quit soft drinks.

Aspartame is another reason to stop!

I was drinking *5* Coke Zeros a day! I had cut down to one a day but now I am stopping it for good.

Hello! I am Morgan Hayes. I live in the Southeastern United States with my two furry children. In 2004, I had a Kundalini Rising that transformed my life. I created this Blog to share my personal journey with my Kundalini Awakening and to possibly help others on this path. I have truly enjoyed getting to know my readers and learning about their own Kundalini experiences. In my free time, I try to keep a regular meditation and yoga practice. I also enjoy hiking and getting out in the nature. Spending time with my family and friends. Enjoying life!

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