Why I have stopped Fluoride Ingestion.

In my last blog entry I said I had stopped my Fluoride intake. After watching this video, I never want myself or the ones I love ever ingesting fluoride again. It is put into our tap water without our consent. They do not regulate how much each person is getting. Its in soda and fruit juice too.

Fluoride is OK to apply to teeth but not ingested. There are studies linking it to hypothyroidism (which I have), low done density and oh yeah, its affecting our brains. The video goes more into more details about this.

Most European countries do not put fluoride in their water and they show the same cavity rate in children. So why is it in our water?

Imagine what it could do to our pets if we give them tap water!

What can you do? At Whole Foods and other organic food stores, you can buy reusable one gallon or larger water jugs. The jugs are BPA Free (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphenol_A) and you can purchase purified fluoride water for .39 cents per gallon.

Also at Whole Foods they have Toms Toothpaste which is Fluoride free. I would rather risk cavities than my overall health.

I am using fluoride free water for my cats. I hate to know what the fluoride might have already done to them.

When we purify our bodies to become a better vessel for the Kundalini to flow, we need to take the right steps for that to happen.

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