Grounding Energy Techniques

When 220 volts of electrical energy courses through a 110 unit, fuses blow and circuitry melts. This is similar to what sometimes happens when Kundalini Awakens in us.

Another analogy is when a hose is being used at its highest pressure. The hose will move and lash around. Kundalini can manifest like this too.

One common problem that I have is that I sometimes have too much excess spiritual energy. When the Kundalini is very active, I feel several things.

Feeling irritable, spacey or scattered
Finding yourself unable to focus on day to day tasks
Nervousness or nervous energy
Feeling overwhelmed
Crying for no reason
Feeling like your emotions are controlling you
Forgetting to do important things
Having a hard time organizing yourself or your life
Experiencing chronic anxiety
Having Trouble Sleeping

My Kundalini is always most active when its time to go to bed. Sometimes it takes hours to get to sleep. So I started to do Grounding Techniques which actually helped.

Spreading Your Roots

This visualization technique has been very good for me.

Its easier to stand on the ground but you can also do this inside your home. Barefoot is ideal but shoes are OK. You may stand, sit or lay down for this.

Slowly imagine that roots are spreading from your body and going into the Earth. Your roots are going deeper and deeper into the Earth until you are at the Earth’s core. Visually will your excess energy down your roots and into the Earth. Do this until you feel your energy level is back to normal. You can do this for Five minutes to a hour. You will find it just feels good to be connected with the Earth. Just don’t drain all of your energy.

Hug a Tree!

Most folks have trees near them. You can simply hug a tree and visualize and will your excess energy into the tree. You can also send love and respect to the tree as well. It will make you feel good.

Working in the Garden

Getting your hands in the dirt and working in the yard can be a active way to let go to excess energy. Plus you feel a closer connection to the Earth.

Taking a Nature Walk

Walking down a Nature Trail can feel helpful. Allow yourself to connect with nature. Allowing enough time to stop and revel in Nature’s beauty.

All of this brings back a scary memory about electricity and grounding. I was in my mid twenties and I was getting ready for a date. I took my clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer but the dryer wouldn’t start. I checked and the electrical plug had come out. I had to bend over the dryer to get to the plug. I ended up dangling over the dryer as I tried to push the plug in. Well my finger some how got in the way and I got shocked with 220 voltage. My feet were not touching the ground. My Stomach was going into contractions and knots. I started to see my life going past me. I struggled and the tip of my foot touched the floor and it all stopped. I was very lucky. I quickly learned how important grounding is.

I hope this post helps you ground energy.

3 thoughts on “Grounding Energy Techniques

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Have accidentally awaken the Goddess/Kundalini energy in me. I am not completely newbie about meditation and such but far from a master. Have experienced symptoms and are overwhelmed by all different info on the net. Will try reiki but it seems more logical to first ground myself. And I adore trees so will definitely meditate accompanied by one. Thanks again!

  2. After I did my first Kundalini Yoga session (via Youtube) I had a weird dream that I was in the corridor in my house and I looked in the mirror and there was a hole in the top of my head…then the next day, completely out of the blue my friend emailed me about going to a local class…it’s amazing but scary stuff!

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