Common Ways to Raise Kundalini

This is a list of the most common ways to raise Kundalini. If your Kundalini Rose from something else, let me know. I will add it to this list.

Yoga: About all forms of Yoga try to raise the Kundalini.

Mantra: The chanting of Mantras can raise your Consciousness. The Throat Chakra can be stimulated by Mantra.

Asanas: Kundalini yoga consists of a series of Asanas that are similar to familiar Hatha yoga poses, but they are done in succession and involve extra steps like arm and leg waving. This adds an element of unbridled physicality similar to dance, and helps the body raise heat.

Tantra: This is a sexually oriented yoga practice. Kundalini (Female Divine Force) and Shiva (Male Divine Force) are energetically combined through Tantric techniques.

Meditation: People think meditation is good for relaxation. It can also can raise your Consciousness.

Breath Work: Breath work is also often used with Meditation and can help raise Kundalini. The breathing techniques given to help women in childbirth can also help rise Kundalini.

Childbirth: Giving birth to a child can be emotional, traumatic, painful and beautiful. All these intense emotions and thoughts could help raise Kundalini.

Mental/Emotional Trauma: Trauma can open up your consciousness. Extreme Happiness or Sadness. Intense emotional pain can raise consciousness.

Physically Painful Spiritual Practices: Ritualistic Body Modification goes back to ancient times. Its been used to raise and alter consciousness.

Extreme Physical Stress: Extreme Bodily stress can raise consciousness.

Tailbone Injury: Tail bone injuries have been known to raise Kundalini. The tailbone is right at the root chakra. This is where Kundalini normally sleeps. The blow awakens it.

Devotional Prayer: Chanting or silent devotion to the deity of your choice can raise Kundalini by forcing your attention inward and and honing your concentration.

Free Form Dancing:
Unstructured dance allows your body to create heat while your mind is free to wander. Can flow into meditation.

Walking and Rowing: Any repetitive movements that allows for your mind to wander and possibly meditate can help raise your Kundalini.

Pilates: Pilates exercises are core-based and tend to produce “belly heat” that adherents believe can help free Kundalini energy. Many of the moves like single-leg stretch and the “hundred” involve arm and leg waving similar to Kundalini asanas, and can help raise the energy in similar ways.

Music: Listening to music and relaxing can put you into a meditative State. Which can help raise your energy.

Recreation Drug Use: This is a very bad way to raise consciouness! People have had mental break downs because their energy systems were not ready. Some have experienced episodes of ego death. DO NOT USE DRUGS to raise Kundalini!!

8 thoughts on “Common Ways to Raise Kundalini

  1. Mine activated from meth (drug). I am now sober and clean and at peace. I can also feel the energy and interact with it and balance it. it’s incredible and I’m thankful.

  2. A kundalini arousal (I believe) by coccyx injury – age 26 – a hammock rope coming undone and falling one metre onto bricks. Was combined with a series of cobra dreams (that I can still remember vividly one decade later) and the meeting of a lover many years my senior who had engaged in meditation, chanting, and deity invocation for years. Last week (11 years on) I have re-injured the tailbone during sex, and it is currently a powerful and extremely positive time for me, so I am waiting to see what comes of this current injury, if anything.

    • Ouch! I feel you! That is a painful way to experience Kundalini. I have read from numerous sources that a coccyx blow has been documented to cause a Kundalini Awakening. I am curious to see know what happens! Please keep me updated!

      In High School (The 80s), these flat shoes were in style but they had no traction at all. My English class was taught in a Trailer and it had a small wooden deck and stairs with about ten steps. It had been raining and the stairs were slick and I fell down the stairs. Without too much TMI, I landed on the corner of one of the stairs and bruised my coccyx badly. For a few minutes, I could not feel my legs. I was afraid I had damaged my spine. I scared to move. Luckily, after a while I was finally able to walk it out. I did not have any spiritual experiences though. For all the pain and humiliation I went through, it would have been nice. But I do wonder if it contributed to me having a Kundalini Rising years later.

  3. Awakening was sparked when I resolved a long standing issue between me and the universe. When I was able to let go of the weight of the frustration and shame that I was not doing enough, awakening began. It was the last thing standing between me and awakening, the last straw that kept me divided.

  4. mine was more with therapeutic touch and energy work with a very close friend who had been doing Reiki on my chronic back injury site over a few days . I think it also had to do with our location . In Maui under a beautiful Jacaranda tree . It was an amazing and life-changing experience

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