My Own Personal Kundalini Awakening Story.

Nine years ago, I was Thirty Two years old. One thing that has stuck in my mind was what happened a couple of weeks before my kundalini awakened. My parents got into a really bad argument while I was visiting them. My Father is very verbally abusive and when I heard him yelling and cussing, all of sudden felt like that six-year-old little girl who would hide in bedroom when he did it. This time I had nowhere to hide. I left and as I drove, I sobbed. The closer I got to home the more upset I got.

I finally screamed as loud as I could in the car. It was very primal shrill of a scream that full of anger, pain and sadness. It was like all my childhood trauma was being let out. When I stopped screaming, the sound of it still echoed throughout my car for what seemed an eternity. Then these words just popped into my mind, “You have been heard!”. In an instant, all the anger and sorrow melted away. By the time I got to my drive way, all my tears were gone. I just knew that some invisible power had heard me. I just did not realize how my life was going to radically change.

I had been dating a man who I feel was possibly Kundalini active. He was a martial artist, so one time he was playfully applying pressure points on me. He had this sword that he was showing me and placed it between my big and second toe and it felt like a huge amount of electricity went through me. About two weeks later my Kundalini rose.

I told him about what had happened to me, he just brushed it off like it was no big deal. Well guess what, my life was turned upside down!

It began with me feeling a very hot heat on my lower back at the Sacral Chakra. I felt a need to rub that Chakra. It seemed as my fingers moved across that Chakra, that this energy could be felt and manipulated. Just by moving my fingers above my Sacral Chakra, I was able to have an energetic orgasm without touching my genitals, It was amazing! I cannot lie, I tried this multiple times. I think this was like scratching a match that awakened my Kundalini.

For about exactly two months, I had very active Kundalini Activity. I was going in and out of trance like states. I felt heat all across my body. I had strong abdominal contractions which surprisingly never caused injury. It would just feel like I had done some heavy abdominal exercises. I would have moments of complete bliss and happiness. My body would go into spontaneous yoga positions when I went to bed. I got the most activity when I tried to sleep. Sometimes my body moved snake-like.

I think the scariest part was not knowing what was happening to me. Was I going insane? Was I ill? I put my symptoms into a Google search and came back with the results of Demonic Possession and Kundalini Awakening. It seems kinda funny now, but I was scared then. I never felt an evil presence, actually I felt an immense loving and healing energy from it. So I began to study Kundalini. The more I studied, the more I realized that this was and what was really going on.

At the end of these two months, I felt purged and purified. I felted like my body was being prepared for something special. Then came this inner knowing. This wonderful, warm Bliss. I walked outside in awe of the beauty around me. I just knew, everything was as it was supposed to be. I felt a beautiful oneness and knowledge of the world. I felt great!

Then I got a stressful phone call and it was like falling back into my normal reality again. It was terribly frustrating. No matter how I tried, I could not return to that state again. All my symptoms came less and less. Until I had years of normalcy. Normalcy with a difference. I am much more spiritual now than I was before my Kundalini experience.

For eight long years I hardly had any Kundalini symptoms and I actually missed them. Once I realized that these symptoms were for my benefit, they were not scary anymore.

The next thing I am about to bring up really did happen. I am not making it up. This happened in the Spring of 2011 I enjoy ghost hunting and there is a haunted cemetery that I like to investigate. I was standing in the cemetery at night. I was looking around and I felt a good breeze against me. It then felt like someone was patting my stomach. I backed up and moved away. I just dismissed it as the wind but then I began to feel very warm. It was a cool spring night and I began to sweat. I started to feel weak. I went to my car and went home. As I drove home, I was pouring sweat. The front to the back of my Solar plexus was burning hot. It took me a little time realize that this was Kundalini related. I tried to think of every other rational thing it could be. I started to meditate and focus my energy there.

In November 2011 my Kundalini rose to my Solar Plexus. Some strange things happened the day it happened. I was at my pharmacy and an old couple came in. The old lady was were confused about her insurance as she spoke to the Pharmacy tech. They were walking out and she told him she needed to talk to me. I had no clue who this woman was. She asked me if I had any valium for sale? I said, sorry I don’t. She smiled and gave me this funny wink and walked away. Minutes later, her husband comes down the aisle and gives me this strange smile and then just walks away. I don’t look like a drug dealer! I look more like a soccer Mom! lol

That night I went to bed. I had the most vivid and terrifying dream of my life. I will not go into complete detail but at the end of the dream I am attacked by 7-8 Demon Possessed people and demon dogs. They have surrounded me and are kicking and punching me. I could feel the pain from the blows! A net is thrown over me and I am tied down. I wake up terrified. I felt strange, kinda off too. It took a couple of days to realize my Kundalini had risen from my Root chakra to my Solar Plexus Chakra. I now feel that those demons and dogs in my dream were archetypes or symbols that represented the heartbreaks, trust issues and emotional traumas from my past. This was their last stand before I let them all go and healed my heart.

In November 2012 my Kundalini rose to my Heart Chakra. I was wide awake when it happened. It literally felt like a snake about two fingers wide slowly went up my Heart Chakra all the way up to my collar-bone and it stopped there. It felt like two fingers were pressing down hard. It would come and go but I felt it each day for weeks.

In January 2013, My Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra and it shot right up to a blockage near my Third Eye Chakra. For the first time in this journey, I felt real physical pain. A Terrible headache. There was a spot right where the spine and skull meet that hurt a lot! There was also pain on the back of my skull behind my third eye.

I will add more details as I get more time. I would like to hear more about your Kundalini Awakening experiences! Just comment below!

24 thoughts on “My Own Personal Kundalini Awakening Story.

  1. Hi It is lovely to connect with you all and I have been experiencing a Kundalini awakening since 2020. Everything became really intense, moments of bliss, followed by bouts of depression, fear, full body orgasm feelings, a total change of diet high raw vegan, i gave up caffeine, sensitive to foods unless it is pure unprocessed. The dark night of the soul also has been a big factor and total isolation , I lost lot of weight due to the change in diet . I feel extremely cold all of the time also .I have had numerous sore throats and can’t be around negative energy. If anyone would like to chat feel free to email. Morgan thanks for this site it has been amazing to find it . Much Love

    • my kundalini energy shot up to top of my head, it burned, and was a real shock, the next evening, I had a dream with my Guru, he told me my clip was opening, and to keep meditating, so I did , but the pain continued to get worse, this all happened I 12/ 12/16, my kundalini had been active since 2001, since this incident my pain is extreme, head pressure, burning heat, muscle spasms, its a nightmare, has been going on for 4years, and have not been able to meditate, or read a book, all my inner spiritual life has stopped, I had a dream of Amma anandamayi maa , last evening, What is your understanding of this, Maria

  2. I noticed 1 thing all of them here or mostly most of them have had this in 2013 and 2014 approx and me too in a way experienced consciousness landing that time from divine and then came the calm and now the rising taking place.

  3. It has been 14 months since my Kundalini started rising up inside me and as a result i have entered the Dark night of the Soul. A warm tingly heat rising up inside me and my entire life has been shut down. Can’t work or take part in life. Have drank a lot of coffee and taken a lot of xanax. Trying not to do that anymore. I am now doing tai chi and meditation to work thru my issues, hopefully helping the energy cleanse/fix me. I am not having a beautiful experience, it is very traumatic and my family don’t know what is wrong with me. My nervous system is trying to adjust.

  4. I have so much to express that I do not know where to begin. It was 1989 or 1990. That was not the internet age where you could find information at the click of a mouse. I had a friend with whom I often entered into arguments about existence or non-existence of God. He was kind of God intoxicated, while I made fun of him. Then one day, he touched me between my eyebrows. Nearly everything began to change for me. I don’t remember exactly which chakra became active when. I felt wonderful perfume smell in my hand and pillow and nearly everywhere. I heard beautiful musical tune while sleeping. I felt my left leg burning in fire. I felt my skull was being pierced. I felt light and soothing. I felt calm and extremely peaceful. But I was also extremely scared because I used to feel my bed and chair rocking. I would feel cool droplets of water over my body. I felt excruciating pain at some point in my spine. I felt I was going mad. I felt my friend was playing black magic with me. He was actually a highly experienced tantric. When I confronted him, he laughed loudly. He said, you do not realize what you are getting. I didn’t believe him. I didn’t discuss with anyone because I thought others will think I have gone insane. I used to pray out of fear to make me normal once again. Yes, I also used to get three cut marks anywhere on my body -hands, legs, back, neck…They were not painful but just red scratch like with little blood visible. Today, in the internet age, I have been able to get more information over the last few weeks on this topic than decades of intense search on the topic.

    • I too had some such that scratch body blood mark kinda one but I was wondering where and how it came from but I knew that it’s because of my kundalini rising and then the next day or so it was gone completely which was on the left side of my stomach and then as I said it was gone and the skin was like baby skin almost fresh and fine as if nothing ever as such of a such a described scratch had shown up just 24 to 48 hours before that. The skin was very fresh like baby skin.

  5. Hi Morgan

    Thanks for your great account. I am both inspired and fascinated by the number of people reporting similar experiences at the moment. Four months ago I too had a spontaneous (dream-induced) kundalini eruption which stayed full-on for exactly two months before I returned to Earth with a bang. Since then it’s as if I’ve been rebuilding myself from scratch. The flow is gradually returning as I meditate and surrender. Just hoping it won’t take years to return to full strength!



    • Wow its kinda funny that your first Kundalini experience lasted intensely for two months then went into a more dormant state. Mine did the same exact thing! In my case I did not know how to keep the energy going. It took me about six years to have enough “juice” to get it moving again. Meditation doe seem to help. My Kundalini has been constantly active for about five years now.

        • Honestly in my personal experience, you eat and live how Shakti demands you to do so. Because if you do not give the Kundalini the proper energy and nutrients it needs, it will begin to take it from your body. Through my risings I got cravings for food that was far from the classical high vibration foods often listed but that is what she needed to continue to rise. When its no longer needed, the food cravings disappeared. I also go through cycles of fasting, cleansing and purging as well. Sometimes I also through times I can only eat a meat free diet because meat and diary products will make me ill. I have learned I am better off listening to my body and when my Kundalini speaks to me. Its made for a much smoother Kundalini Awakening thus far.

  6. great blog. I have been struggling with kundalini symptoms for 6 years in fact if u google kundalini rising at 23 years old you will find my review on the top of the google page. My experience is that it has not been a great experience for me there has been a lot of fatigue and depression and also many many issues amplified and forced to deal with.but i know out of all of this i will come out a much more enlightened person but i hope it will end soon because i would really like to get my life back together again and follow my divine plan. The intuition has been great in serving me and i think we can follow the great divine will to live our life fully to the most and best that it can be the energy really takes control of us and guides us through our reality it is important to be of the highest vibration.even if it is painful to do so i do hope my kundalini symptoms subside and slow down and that i can take this journey much slower and adapt to this energy.

  7. Hello 🙂 My name is Anna and I am 23.

    I experienced a spontaneous full kundalini rising 5 weeks ago.

    It lasted for a full 7 days and 7 nights of which I can only describe as me giving birth to a very tangible force of conscious energy that was released from the very bottom of my spine and was born out the crown of my head.
    The energy would spend between 12-24 hours burning through each blockage of my physical body and then all layers of my energy body in that specific chakra that it was stuck in.

    Day 4, I was about to have my sister take me to the ER when I typed in my INSANE symptoms into google and immediately found kundalini and knew exactly what was happening. I never meditated a day in my life, complete atheist, never been to church, never considered spirituality, never been to a yoga class and was so completely unprepared for this, it almost killed me.

    Now I am on week 5, and am trying to adjust to this new reality that my mind was BLOWN open to on the 7th day. My vibrational frequencies have been raised so dramatically in such a short amount of time that each of my senses is in a hyper sensitive state. I see things, hear things, smell, taste and FEEL many things that I did not know existed on this earth.

    My sudden awakenening/enlightenment/spiritual experience has been terrifying and I have been extremely alone. Luckily I have had no choice but to allow the kundalini (or what I have come to know is just my highest level of conciseness which is connected to all that is) to guide me 100%. I have done very little research on it because I have not wanted to be influenced by any kind of outside sources.

    I am amazed and astounded and would love to speak with you about your spontaneous kundalini rising.

    All my light and love ❤


  8. I don’t fully understand how to “awaken” this. I am just so confused. I want to be open to this but I am having a hard time. I also don’t want to feel like I’m dabbling in something I shouldn’t. …

  9. Some people whom I did a job for offered a trade out of services. So I said sure. I was told to sit in a chair and she would be back in a little bit. As I sat there it felt like everything was trying to kill me. Looking back I can see I went into trance. When she came back she asked me what happened. I explained the experience. Apparently I was able to feel and sense things that I couldn’t see. She explained these are things you have that I should begin to use.

    So I was shown meditation. And I began to do it everyday. I noticed right away I can feel the energy and if I caught it right it felt good. Once in the beginning it hit me hard. All I could say with my zero spiritual knowledge is it felt like I was on a lot of drugs but it was good. A lot of strange things happened early on.

    Looking back I can see now my kundalini was having strange activity about ten years earlier. I was in my early twenty. When I drove between jobs and a good to me hard rock song would come on a strange thing would happen periodically. The top of my head would open up. And I would be so intoxicated in laughter I thought that must be god or a joke from him. Lol. I have my own built in spirituality so I would contemplate a lot about it but never thought about it being anything like religious or spiritual. Just my own whatever. Lol

    So going back to when I started meditating. I could go on forever about all the things going on and experiences. But the big thing for me was this. I had my own thing so when I tryed to read or listen about the topic most often it was counterproductive. So I did my own thing. For me that was sitting in my truck after work. Just being by myself. What I found is I would go into trance. When I did I was in the past and present. Powerful emotions would pour through me. Like a ladder to god I guess. A ladder to blissful intoxicating joy. So I was even more hooked. Everyday I went into these trances so I can be with my god bliss. Eventually over some years since I learned of meditation I became to feel intoxicated from the bliss all the time. I still did not know what kundalini was. Nor did I know if what I had done was good. I felt inside it was. And from what I did gather from reading and meeting of people it was good. But didn’t seem related to those things. For one I didn’t develop an idea of what spiritual was. I didn’t do any set thing. Didn’t have any kind of spiritual beliefs. I gathered a non dual idea. And what I mean by that is from experiencing trances I experienced myself in situation that were very ugly. And I accepted them because it was a ladder to my god bliss. All I knew for sure is going through the ugly stuff was how I got to know myself as bliss. So I began to love and thank all the ugly stuff I experienced. And still do. But the time of going through trances and visiting the ugly has passed for some time. And like I said I’m always in the bliss. The ladder is no longer around cause I’m there I guess.

    Eventually I began to search out why I felt so good all the time. It was hard in the beginning to find out. I talked to some people. One said something about perhaps I was an opium addict in previous incarnations. Another couldn’t understand me I guess. Cause his response was something about how that has nothing to do with spirituality. And I could go on and on. So I began to really not care. Which was cool because I had a negative ego about it. I really began to see everything as perfect and equal. My inner teaching had been driving me towards that outlook in many ways. And life was just another thing. So what is spiritual I ask myself? Ha ha. Everything! Lol.

    I did fine somebody whom knows about feeling good from the intoxication. Speaks freely about it. And I’m so thank full people are. Sometimes I wonder how many people are in forever bliss and don’t even know what it is? Or how many people are on prescription drugs from kundalini symptoms cause they don’t know? Or how many people are locked up in mental institutes because they have powerful spiritual gifts? I am indeed very lucky!

    Thanks for sharing your experience about kundalini. I think that’s awesome!

  10. seems the snakes manifest in our lives, if we’ve had ‘prior’ experience with the energy. I had mine at 18, having taken a potent psycadelic, STP, I spent the next hours or so swimming in snakes, all lengths and widths, some where quite huge. while it was frightening initially, I felt a kinship and not the satanic…. LOL.. the mind identified with at first. it was a 20yr prelude to engaging kundalini again. Ride the snake energy Sophia!

    • Its funny you said that. The spring before my Kundalini got very active, I was doing a lot of yard work. It seemed like where ever I dug or anywhere where I lifted, I would find baby snakes! Then finally my cat brought something to me and it was a baby snake! I set it free. I was just in awe.

      I sometimes have dreams about snakes trying to attack me.


  11. I had a dream about 3 years ago that a huge snake was crawling up my spine.In the dream I woke but remained still lying on my stomach, I was fully aware of the snake and its movements and thought not to move but to let is do whatever it was wanting to do. I wasnt scared or alarmed I was quite calm. The snake rose all the way to the begining of my neck and then stopped and rested its head on my shoulder.Thats when I woke up. It was the early hours of the morning and I was sweating a lot, I felt dizzy and had a bit of a buzz. I made some tea and tried to sleep again to no avail.
    At the time a friend of my told me the dream represented a new begining and lots of change – well that was true as a short time later I changed my life by moving countries in a very spur of the moment way.

    Lately I started thinking about this dream and have now looked it up.
    I ve read about Kundalini energy and its journey through to the top of your head.
    It seems my Kundalini stopped at my throat chakra….. so Im assuming this what I need to work on in some way in order for the energy to flow through me completely.

    • Hey Sophia I really love your dream it’s so loving and caring. It’s that snake cared for u and loved u. I do have derivations and meanings and interpretations as I have had it rising naturally and also since from the origins of Shiva shakti and Saraswati my self I know well the basics and reasoning too as I have connected with the supreme truth.

  12. Morgan

    thanks for sharing that. As i sit here typing this i am experiencing my Twin’s rising. Not her first, but this is way more intense and longer lasting she says.
    My own have been 1-5 days or so. But i relate to what you are writing.

    Kundalini, she seems to burn and cleanse w/o regard to how we relate. The symptoms seem to include magnifying whatever blocks/fears we have now or in previous incarnations. And i believe the intensity as longevity is related to what we have left to cleanse and or what the plan was.

    the pain around the occipital lobes(?) and connected to the third eye. Pressure point too. if you find the right spot and gently press it will dissipate the energy and you will feel energetic muscle twitching as the energy travels down

    it likes to pool in certain areas, like base of skull where it meets the spine

    if you wanted a teacher you would have already met one, i think. Sounds to me like you are doing just fine. If you really want help, center and quietly ask in meditative state, for Yogi Bhajan to help.

    awesome blog

    enjoy the ride and the blessings


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