Kundalini and Relationships

Happy Easter! I thought this would be the perfect day to discuss Kundalini and how it affects our relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. It can be one of our biggest challenges we face while going through an Kundalini Awakening.  I have never married so since 2004 when my Kundalini first rose, I have been in several serious relationships. Through hit and miss, I discovered that I do need to try to describe what Kundalini is all about except if they ask for more information. If so, I can give them some links of websites and books that I think would help them understand. Just telling them that I was going through a time of spiritual growth was often enough. I just asked for love and compassion when I needed time alone and some space to process things. Also that I may sometimes need them to listen with an understanding ear but others times, I may not be able to put in words how I am feeling. That I still love and care about them. That everything is OK.

I also tell them if they ever feel worried or concerned about how the Kundalini affects me, to please just talk to me about it. Open and honest communication is very important in any relationship. Alas,people sometimes outgrow each other. We cannot really change anyone but ourselves. They may not be ready to go on this spiritual journey with us. It may be painful to hear but that is their choice to make.

With blood family and children, it can be more complicated. We have to remember that the Kundalini Awakening process is totally new to them. Just be patient and understanding with them. Pick your battles. Their religious beliefs may not be tolerant of anything outside their religion. You have to gauge if its wise to share your spirituality with friends and family who may not be willing to be supportive of your Kundalini Awakening.

You will find that you cannot tolerate toxic people and relationships in our lives anymore. You will seek out friends and people to love who resonate with your more spiritual and healthier self.

4 thoughts on “Kundalini and Relationships

  1. Thank you for this message, it was definitely needed.
    Last year I had a massive heart attack and coded 9 times. I was dead for 15 minutes. I was in a coma. During this time on the other side , I saw many things and experienced many things. Since my awakening my hearing is off the charts, I see auras and feel very misplaced in this world. I have lost my husband over it all. A friend of mine told me about Kundalini awakenings and said that she feels that I am now a star seed. This is all very new to me … I very much need to learn more. Any help you can provide will be received with appreciation and love.

    • I am very sorry that your marriage has ended. Your Third Eye Chakra may have been opened during your near death experiences. Time will tell if you are having a Kundalini Awakening or not. I honestly do not know much about Starseeds. In 2014, I also went through a time when all of a sudden, I began having a lot of different kinds of psychic abilities manifesting. In addition to already being a strong Empath, I was now experiencing psychokinesis, lucid psychic dreams, seeing spirits and orbs of light, and all kinds of eerie synchronicities (Seeing 333 and 11.11 everywhere). At first it was cool but I did not have any control over my new abilities. I did not know how to turn them off or back on at will. As you can imagine, this begins wearing down your mind and body. You may discover your abilities increase whenever you are upset or angry. So learning stillness meditation, centering and grounding techniques will help. Also learning anger management may prevent your abilities from turning on when you are in an uncontrolled state of mind. Also you may find that if you shift your focus away from what you are experiencing psychically, that it stops. For me slightly turning my head shifts my focus away from it. It takes practice but with time, it becomes a habit. Be kind to yourself as you process all of your new abilities. Allow more time for rest as needed. If you feel a need to be alone, allow yourself that quiet time. I remember I hated going out to very crowded locations for a while. I could literally feel myself subconsciously picking up on the energy of the people around me. Which meant I was picking up on their moods and thoughts. I really did not want to connect with a person who had bad energy. So learning psychic shielding is important too. I am realizing that I really need to start posting more about this techniques and share what has worked for me, But what works for me may not be the best option for you. We are very unique beings who happen to be on this amazing journey together. I will be making some posts about this topic soon.

  2. Yes Morgan hayes what u said is completely absolutely true and correct as I had my naturally awakened in 2015/2016 and I am single too and it’s very too much to be understood by others as we have become gods and goddesses the others at human level yet don’t comprehend with us well and our paths are so unique that all souls are unique. Get in touch with me on my wats app calling and line number +9198208177## right away to share more. I am single and seeking higher forever too.

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