My Hysterectomy and Kundalini Awakening

This is a post that has taken a while to post. It discusses a very personal part of my life. But I wanted to help someone who might be considering a Hysterectomy and are having a Kundalini Awakening.

In November 2012 my Kundalini Rose to my Heart Chakra. On January 3, 2013 I had a Larposcopic Hysterectomy at UNC Women’s Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I had a bad case of Uterine Fibroids that was adversely affecting my life. Instead of having a a huge excision across my lower abdomen, I Only have five, 1/2 inch small excisions. I had my fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix removed. My ovaries were left intact so I would not go into menopause too early.

I honestly did not know how doing all this would affect my Kundalini Awakening. I have read that Sexual energy of the Sacral Chakra helps power the Kundalini. I did not know if removing my uterus would affect my awakening negatively. Well, it did not affect my Kundalini Awakening negatively at all. As a matter of fact, my Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra three weeks later. Which was way more quicker than usual for me. The only changes were I had the surgery, rested more and I was taking pain medication for a few weeks. I do not know if the bodily stress did it or not. It still perplexes me.

Added 2-07-14 After doing some research, I have learned that its when the ovaries are removed that it can cause problems for a woman who is having a Kundalini Rising.

4 thoughts on “My Hysterectomy and Kundalini Awakening

    • i had a hysterectomy as well and have been VERY conserned with regards to how it effects my ability to obtain/maintain the sacral chakra energy alignment and balance. when i had my surgery, i was not awakened with regards to these energies and had no understanding of chakra energy. with my new found understanding through awakening, i wondered if i could ever achieve true balance without a womb.

  1. Morgan thanks for sharing this. more proof that ‘we’ are not our bodies.we are light your awesome purpose is being revealed in so many ways now. I’m notaware of another Kundalini Awakening newsletter, reaching out to others. I have been prodded internally and by my Twin, to begin reading Kundalini Rising:its a collection of essays by teachers and researchers i just finished the chapter yesterday on how the awakening effects held/blocks at different chakras, and however you get through it is how you do it. Not all ‘cases’ are the same, whatever needed to be processed, integrated … will happen, with surgery, without. The book, i highly recommend. sending light to you Deva

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