12-21-12 passed calmly but what now? My Story.

In this video you learned about several belief systems that had their astrological changes on 12-21-12. Did you notices any changes? How about spiritually? Ive waited to bring this up because I wanted to see what would happen in the later months.

At the end of November 2012, I was on the phone and in a deep conversation when my Kundalini rose to my Heart Chakra. It literally felt like a snake was moving under my skin and slowly rose to my collar bone. It was a deep pressure. I went into a deep meditative state while still talking on the phone. I know this may sound odd but not really. I have found that my Kundalini likes to work on me when my mind is occupied with something else.

On 12-21-12 was a ordinary day for me. I secretly held my breath and hoped that there was not a earth shaking doom heading our way. So it was a day of mental, emotional, and spiritual relief.

In mid January, my Kundalini Rose to my Throat Chakra. I had a Larposcopic Hysterectomy on January 3rd. My Kundalini was even very active the night I laid in my hospital room. Being drugged seemed to make my Kundalini more active. It happened while I was asleep. I dreamed I could excorcize demons out of people by my healing touch. I began healing people but more and more people became demonically possessed. They began chasing me. I was overtaken and killed. In that moment I was outside my body and I was ten feet away. In that moment I knew for sure that there is actual life after death. I was no longer afraid. I awoke and remembered this dream vividly.

Every time after my Kundalini raises a Chakra, I go through a few days of feeling off center or strange. In my case, it takes a few days to realize that my Kundalini has really rose. If asked where my Kundalini is, I cannot fixate on it.

Then after a few days, it feels like my consciousness can be found at this higher Chakra. When my Kundalini Rose to my Throat Chakra, it immediately rushed up to a blockage right below my 3rd Eye Chakra. This is a new territory for me. With each Chakra comes a new Challenge.

For the first time, I experienced “growing pains”. Whenever I meditated, I would have a headache the next day. The pain was on the back of my skull right across from my third eye. I also had pain around my Crown Chakra. I also had pin point pain right at the base of my skull where the spine meets. Felt like lazer beams where piercing my brain. I stopped doing meditation and the headaches stopped. Which is frustrating because I love meditating! I feel closer to the source.

So do I feel that the energy changes of 12-21-12 caused my Kundalini to become more active? Honestly, yes. It took eight years for my Kundalini to rise from my Sacral Chakra to my Solar Plexus Chakra. It took one year for my Kundalini rise to my Heart Chakra. About two months for my Kundalini to rise to my Throat Chakra. See the big time contrast?

So did 12-21-12 affect you any kind of way? Did it help make your Kundalini more active?

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