Pineal Gland Activation Brainwave Meditation

Pineal Gland Activation Video 2013 Brainwave Binaural Beat Meditation

Full Length HD

I will just say, this video really worked on my Third Eye Chakra. My mid forehead was tingly with light pressure and my eyes felt funny. Its a 22 minute video and I stopped at 10 minutes.

I just looked at the center of the video screen, focused and relaxed. It got rather funky! Try it and tell me how it affected you?

Just know it might work on your Chakras.

Visually the art work is amazing.

More about your Pineal Gland:

4 thoughts on “Pineal Gland Activation Brainwave Meditation

  1. Wow I will not lie it was a struggle to watch the whole thing but I did. Could feel by my 3rd eye a bit of bruising and stated to feel a bit nauseous tbh and yes my eyes also felt weird

  2. I have a few different binaural CD’s on my phone and I plug in my headphones (they say that with headphones the binaural beats actually have a different beat for each of the two ears to unlock some brainwave patterns that do not happen in day to day life). Sometimes I fall asleep đŸ˜‰ and sometimes I go to a different place! It’s awesome.

  3. I haven’t had a chance to do this one yet, but when I meditate with binaural beats, my third eye and crown chakra have some crazy things going on! My temples feel as if they are literally moving and I have even heard them moving because my headphones will be creaking (they are old) from them moving so much. My eyes have moved back and forth, as if following something yet it didn’t match the picture I was getting in my head. I have learned A LOT while listening to binaural beats. I am sure you know this, Gwen, but for anyone reading this DO NOT listen to binaural beats while driving or walking! AND GROUND yourself first. Otherwise, if you are safe and grounded, it is AWESOME!

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