The Possible Dangers of Raising Kundalini.


The purpose of raising Kundalini is to become one with the Cosmic Consciousness in Universal Bliss or your God/Goddess.

The dangers arise when people try to raise Kundalini because of the pleasurable sensations or high that can sometimes come with it. When you experience a Kundalini Awakening, you will notice that you have high and low energy times. This commonly happens as the Kundalini works through blockages as it moves up the Chakras. When you keep pushing the Kundalini to rise, more symptoms can arise. Some symptoms may not be pleasurable or cause sickness. If you get sick or feel pain, stop your Kundalini raising techniques. Allow the energy to lessen in strength and let it flow naturally.

I had made meditation part of my daily routine but currently I am unable to do so. Every time I do, I will get a bad headache the next day. This means my Kundalini is very active and I do not need to meditate now. Meditation actually helps to raise your consciousness.

Another danger is when people raise their Kundalini because they want to experience Siddhis ( or have special psychic abilities. I recently went to a website that was suppose to be a network for people experiencing Kundalini Awakening. One of its links show a man in a video that is using his spiritual energy to push a man forward and then back. I personally feels this takes away from the real purpose of raising Kundalini. Yes, being able to read minds or possibly levitate is great but that is nothing in comparison to becoming one with the Universal Source!

Keep your eye on the bigger prize!


32 thoughts on “The Possible Dangers of Raising Kundalini.

  1. I just came across a book that was a specific and detailed personal account of a woman who had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. If you are interested in her story, her name is Elaine Lehman. She and her husband and also her daughter co-wrote a book “The Big K” (1996) and hid no details, including both the exhilaration and spiritual growth of her metaphysical experiences, but also the debilitation and physical suffering she endured as the Kundalini pushed its way through blockages around her chakras. It’s incredible how her story aligns exactly with what you report here. Her kundalini arose spontaneously — though true that she did practice meditation and was already in touch with spirit guides. Her Kundalini spontaneously arose as she was standing on the deck of a ship — on her honeymoon, after she had divorced an abusive husband and remarried to her soulmate. The peace, joy and love swirled around her like being “submerged in melted butter.”
    To the uninitiated, the symptoms might sound something like Bi Polar disorder, aka Manic Depression. But whereas a mental disorder causes a person to lose control and poses significant challenges to living, the ebbs and flows of Kundalini over 20 years did not destroy her life, even when she felt terrible suffering. To me, reading her story was extremely fascinating, and she seemed truly grateful for her life’s experiences, despite the pain, vertigo, sometimes vomiting, splitting headaches, etc., that would feel to me like a warning something was wrong.
    In your personal opinion, is it right for every person to seek this kind of spiritual growth, in order for human consciousness to evolve? I find myself pretty reluctant to undergo something so extreme… especially because I have seen friends who were more bipolar than spiritually awakened, whose lives fell apart because of their delusions of messiah nature — which was both terrifying and tragic to behold.
    –As an aside, Lehman’s book is not sexually explicit, but she does testify to the fact that the kundalini was tied to her sexual activity — she had a lot of powerful sex with her husband which in turn increased the kundalini energy.

    • Thanks for sending me this and apologize for not responding sooner. I will be looking up her book. Its sounds very interesting. The thing with Kundalini is, you start to realize you are just a small part in a much bigger picture. So I feel that your ego begins to shrink when you are on a more healthier path. Yes, the Kundalini’s energy is the catalyst for creation so its no wonder it associated with sexuality. That is why it has its part in Tantra where its actually encouraged to withhold from orgasms so the sexual energy may build up so it can be pushed up the Chakras. Thanks for directing me to her book.

  2. Kundalini energy awakening practice is very safe only when the practioner has accepted siddha yogi as their Guru according to Vaidhik Sanatan dharma which people knows as Hindu religion

  3. I want to experience A Kudalini awakeing….But again I dont. The way it comes is frightening. You see I have a serious phobia about snakes….I can’t even look at them in magazines or tv. I wish I didnt have this phobia period. And To feel an electrical current going though my body I can phantom, but that coiled feeling of the kundalini s—e feeling just DONT sound pleasant to me at all. This is 2017 and this is the first time I have ever heard of kundalini. Please answer, would it be an actual sn–ke? And is there a way of knowing that you may have experienced the awakeing already? So, If I have to feel a sn— going through me, I know for a fact I wouldnt be the same. Is there a way to tell that your body is getting ready to experience The Kundalini Awakening? This has been on my mind since I heard about it just 2 days ago. Thank you for this site
    But not that photo of women with S—e I nearly jumped out of bed ……Smile. Sorry this was a page was so long………But Kundalini is on my mind. Its 1:30 central time

    • Well Kundalin is not literally a snake, but its energy can move like one in “some” people, not all people. But I do recommend allowing the Kundalini to happen naturally and not by trying to make it happen. When its time, it will happen. Be patient.

    • Its not an actual snake…often times in eastern practices the knowlege was pass on verbally and in scrolls hidden in cryptic riddle like messages, that would require a sharp mind and keen understanding to learn the truth of what was being passed on…the “snake” can also be refered to as a “dragon”…just as charkra is often refered to as “water” or the third eye is the “mystic portal”…the dragon is your friend, and only by awakening him can the “water “(chi) flow up the “mountain” (denotes ones self). As the “dragon” reaches the “peak” (crown chakra) he comes to the “mystic gateway” (also third eye), your are the meet with the “trials of charity” (coping with seeing the word as it actually is, or sharttering the illusions and preceptions of the self and our perceived reality) then finially does the dragon reach its peak, and so life flourishes on the mountain, with the “waters of life” (charkra harmonized and purified with all charkras) BUT!!! I DO PASS ON THIS WARNING!!! this is bot something to be taken lightly, it will change you if done properly or improperly…it has shattered how i perceive and understand myself and others, it has widened my perception and understanding of the universal conection as a whole…these are things that cant be forgot and extremely hard to put back together once shattered (that is to say if you wanted to, i certainly dont) i am a line cook living and working in Charlottesville va, a regular guy, nothing special and i have spent the last 4 years mentally, physically, and spiritually through kundalini esoteric yoga, and martial arts of eastern styles and philosophies, and over this time i have grown exponentially but it is something that requires caution at first until you decide that you may want to devote yourself to. Find the proper knowlege, philosophies and meditation practices (i recommend the works of Mantak Chia but specifically to start “Awaken the healing light of the tao” it might be 8-10 dollars…i leave my name and email for you if you have any question

  4. I have studied Spontanious movement Qigong……We had to balance the no mind…dbserver spontanious movement, wiyh guided energy movements with meditation focusing on certain parts of the body. This process allows the energy channels to widen,and get stronger ,in a safe way that does not cause a short

  5. Hi
    I started Kundalini and it felt euphoric …like i was on mdma after my session. I have been drug free for over two years but that feeling is still very known to me. What do you mean by getting sick…like nausea or actually illness?

    • I have been told by 2 people that what I experience is the starting of my kundalini. I battle to breathe properly and my spine goes into spasms. Now I have tried to meditate but I battle to focus as it doesn’t matter what I hear it sounds like a chainsaw in my ear. I sense spirits and smell weird things not to mention much more. Now it says eat no meat, no alcohol or sex what happens to those who have been married for 30 years. I don’t think there partners will be to happy with that. So to experience / achieve the full kundalini would celebasy be the only way. And are you saying that by me being able to sense spirits and other things is that the start to my kundalini awakening. And if we don’t abstane then our kundalini won’t awaken?

      • Hi Melissa,
        Who is telling you to do these things? Are they a Guru? Yes, classically its taught to eat a vegetarian diet and live a life of celibacy. I am NOT a Guru or a adept in Yoga. The idea behind these ideals is that you want to make your mind, body and soul as pure as possible. Its suppose to make the Kundalini have a easier journey through you because you are very “clean”.

        The Kundalini demands a lot of energy from you and being celibate helps the Kundalini move upward through your Chakras. Women seem to have it easier than men when it comes having Orgasms. Women seem to be able to have 1-2 orgasms without depleting their sexual energy. Most men do not seem to be as fortunate.

        In my case, I go through times where sexual energy becomes overwhelming to the point its hard to function properly. So I must get release.

        The more you meditate the more active your Kundalini will become. I have gotten to a point where I cannot meditate often anymore. I get intense head pressure and it becomes very difficult to stay grounded. I have a job and I must be able to pay my bills. I need to be able to function and get daily tasks done. So I totally understand where you come from. For me, its always a battle to keep my life balanced.

        The Kundalini will also increase your natural psychic abilities. It has increased my empathic abilties and also it seems I am beginning to have Psychic Medium Abilities. Also I have had times where I seemed to be able to communicate with plants and my pets. For me these abilities seemed to strengthened as the Kundalini moved higher through my Chakras. Understand that everyone’s Kundalini Awakening is unique. I can only speak of my own experiences.


  6. I had a Kundalini Experience about 20 years ago. I was 29 years old then . I met a 50 year old man who was an expert in Yoga. He had also awakened Kundalini about 10 years prior to my meeting him. He advised me to avoid Non Veg food and take up Pranayama which I observed for about one month. Everyday I used to wake up at 5 AM and after about 30 minutes for ablutions etc, I do Pranayama for about 1 hour . Almost after One month I had a feeling of weightlessness and complete detachment from my surroundings. It may have lasted for about 5 minutes only . But it was thrilling. I got scared whether I will lose my sanity. During all these days I used to just lie down prepared to sleep at 9.30 PM and will fall asleep within 5 minutes. And I used to wake up at sharp 5 AM. No Alarm needed to wake me up. I could set the time by my routine. On just casually looking at the clock when I wake up the time was always sharp 5 AM . This went on for more than a month till the day I drank Alcohol and ate meat. After this I tried several times to meditate and get back those blissful moments/ feelings but to no use.

    Just 2 days ago I was talking to a relative of mine who too had a similar Kundalini experience. He used to sit in blissful meditation for 2 hours straight. He got Kundalini awakening and after 3 months of Yoga initiation . He was self tutored. His experience continued till the day he drank alcohol ( just one day after about 5 months ) . He never consumed alcohol after that . He continued his meditation and Yoga . But he could never get that bliss even as of today after 15 years of continuous yoga and meditation.

    From these two experiences can I infer that Kundalini awakening is a one time gift / opportunity that if tainted by alcohol /sex /non veg food will never come back to the aspirant ?.

      • Thanks for your recommendation akshay. Can you please share why everyone should read rajyoga? Is it easy for a westerner to understand. I ask because I have tried reading books from Indian Gurus before but they use terms and names from their Indian language that is very hard to understand and translate.

  7. gwen hon…i am an indian…30 yrs old. I started my experiment with meditation at the age of 19. I was always a moody…rebellious….and sexually very active teenager. for 1 year i refrained from sex…masturbation and orgasm in any form and did meditation for 2 hrs at least 3 times a day. after 6 months…i cud be in a state of meditation for 6 hrs. i felt my kundalini awakening and rising up and passing through the spinal cord. after 1 yr i lapsed back to my usual life of fucking women and doing the usual things…i havent meditated in 10 yrs……..i feel now i suffer from bi polar disorder. can u explain?

  8. My kundalini is awakened .l feel burning sensation ..due to this negative sexual feeling arises in me.m totally feeling uncomfortable.many vision of people wearing religious clothes are seen .pls tell me how to cop up with this……

    • Kundalini is a sexual energy and can amplify sexual feelings. Especially when it activates the sacral chakra. Why are these sexual feeling negative? As long as you harm no one and get consent from lovers, you have nothing to worry about.


    • Hello Healing Conversations,
      I think teachers who instruct students in raising their Kundalini, should first explain what might happen to them. The students are trusting them to keep them out of harms way. The Kundalini Awakening experience is very individual. One person’s experience may be completely different than another person’s. But I think the Instructor can bring up some of the more troublesome symptoms. At least give the student a chance to be informed and with that information decide if they want to raise their Kundalini or not.

      Any spiritual practice that raises consciousness could in turn raise Kundalini. But even being being taught meditation practices can help contribute to a Kundalini awakening. Tantric sexual practices can also raise Kundalini activity.

      It use to be that it took many years of rigorous spiritual and yogic practices for the Kundalini to awaken. There has been energy shifts and now its much easier for folks to be Kundalini Awakened. More and more people are having Spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings without any prior intense spiritual practices.

      This site is dedicated to the people who are experiencing a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. Its my hope to help folks who have no idea what is happening to them. Nine years ago, I was in the same situation. It was very frightening for me and I had no one to talk to without them thinking I was losing my mind. I typed my symptoms into a Google Search and the results came back Demonic Possession or Kundalini Awakening. I had to inform myself.

      Its important for anyone interested in exploring consciousness raising practices to be informed as much as possible. Do your research! There is a chance that your Kundalini could awaken.


      • Thank you for your reply. My Kundalini has awakened several times and has always been a life changing situation. If one is practicing kundalini yoga, or taking a workshop specifically geared to kundalini awakening then you at least have a clue, I have attended a workshop in which we spent the evening engaged in an awakening exercise, but given no warning as to its purpose. Several people did experience their first ever kundalini rising and were quite freaked by the surge. I was so alarmed that I now consider the workshop presenters to be vampires who feed on the rush of excess energy.

        • I am so sorry your Kundalini Awakening experiences have been disturbing. I hope my blog has helped you better understand what is happening. Do you know where your kundalini has stopped in your Chakra system? Each Chakra has its own unique symptoms usually. Is there anything you would like to know that maybe I have not brought up?

          I think your instructers wanted to help people but they may not have been too informed about spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings. A lot of people still do not realize that energy shifts have happened and its becoming much easier to raise your Kundalini.

          Its a shame that the Instructors did not warn you about how a awakening might feel. Or least helped calm your fears as you experienced the energy.

          I have found that people who resist or are frightened of the Kundalini, they have more adverse symptoms. I found when I sent my Kundalini Love, Respect, Devotion and Adoration, the symptoms lessened. The Kundalini is not a Enemy and its not trying to harm you. It is a Divine Intelligent Cosmic Energy that is trying to raise your consciousness. Its trying to help you spiritually and bodily evolve.

          The best things people can do is become better informed about Kundalini Awakenings. Learn about the symptoms that could possibly arise. Learn more about the Chakra System and how it works. Know what methods awaken Kundalini. So you can make a wise choice on raising your kundalini.

          Morgan Hayes

          • Thank You, I read the holy spirit. It comes from God. Being that it comes from God, It is considered a gift of the holy spirit. Why are brothers and sisters (family) being charged for Gods gift, to awaken the kundalini for free?

            • Are you referring to the tithes that Catholics and many churches ask from their clergy to cover their Church’s costs? If you love your church and your heart is called to give money to it, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with it, but I personally feel it should not be mandatory. Many people are living on very tight budgets and cannot afford to give money to their Church.

              • Yes. But tithes are given to the church to help the people of the church. The church should spread the wealth to members of the church, food,shelter,clothing,etc. but they dont. What does this say about kundalini yoga? Charge the people for meditation which will receive the awakening. How do the yoga gurus spread their money. Do they give to the student the kundalini in return or Gods Love? Its not the same……How would I know Kundalini is not the demon that the Bible speaks of, Miracles and blessings they receive because they love God. How do I know Kundalini is of God The Spirit, The Holy Spirit. Is Kundalini the same spirit?

                • True, You need to do your own research on Kundalini and listen to your heart. I will say from my experience, good energy will never anything to harm you. Shakti may give you tough love but as time goes by, you will realize that you had to go through certain things in your life to be healed and eventually, you are better off for it.

                  • Thank You…..I’m on over load from research Reading so many different experiences brought me here. How does Shakti give tough love. How does it change you, I have read comments that said,” you will never be the same again” what does that mean? I won’t have contact with my family? I guess l have to
                    Just wait and see. Just curious thats all. I wonder, can women that have hysterectomies receive the awakening? Thank you for your answers

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