Nine years ago, I was Thirty Two years old.

One thing that has stuck in my mind was what happened a couple weeks before my kundalini awakened. My parents got into a really bad argument while I was visiting them. My Father is very verbally abusive and when I heard him yelling and cussing, all of sudden felt like that six year old little girl who would hide in bedroom when he did it. This time I had no where to hide. I left and as I drove, I sobbed. The closer I got to home the more upset I got. I finally screamed as Loud as I could in the car. It was very primal
shrill of a scream that full of anger, pain and sadness. It was all my childhood trauma was being let out. When I stopped
screaming, the sound of it still echoed throughout my car for what seemed a eternity. Then these words just popped into my mind, “You have been heard!”. In a instant, all the anger and sorrow melted away. By the time I had hit my drive way, all the tears were gone. I just knew that some invisible power had heard me. I just did not realize how my life was going to radically change.

Also a couple weeks before my life changed forever, I also had a sexual encounter with a man who I feel was possibly Kundalini Aroused. We were playing around and he was applying pressure points on me and he had a sword. He placed it between my big and second toe and it felt like a huge amount of electricity went through me. Weeks after my Kundalini arose, I told him about what happened to me, he said other women he had been with had said the same thing. He just brushed it off like it was no big deal. Well guess what, my life was turned upside down!

It started with me feeling a hot heat on the back side of the Sacral Chakra. I felt highly aroused but felt a need to rub my Chakra. It seemed as my fingers moved across the Chakra that this energy could be felt and manipulated. Just by moving my fingers above my Sacral Chakra, I was able to have a orgasm without touching my genitals, It was amazing! I cannot lie, I did this multiple times. I think this was like scratching a match and awakening my Kundalini.

For about exactly two months, I had very active Kundalini Activity. I was going in and out of trance like states. I felt heat all across my body. I had strong abdominal contractions which surprisingly never caused injury. It would just feel like I had done some heavy abdominal exercises. I would have moments of complete bliss and happiness. My body would go into spontaneous yoga positions when I went to bed. I got the most activity when I tried to sleep. Sometimes my body moved snake like.

I think the scariest part was not knowing what was happening to me. Was I going insane? Was I ill? I put my symptoms into a Google search and came back with the results of Demonic Possession and Kundalini Awakening. It seems kinda funny now but I was scared then. Since I never felt a evil presence, I began to Study Kundalini. The more I studied, the more I realized that this was what was going on.

At the end of these two months, I felt purged. I felted like my body was being prepared for something special. Then came this inner knowing. This wonderful, warm Bliss. I walked outside in awe of the beauty around me. I just knew, everything was as it was suppose to be. I felt a beautiful oneness and knowledge of the world. I felt great!

Then I got a stressful phone call and it was like falling back into my normal reality again. It was terribly frustrating. No matter how I tried, I could not return to that state again. All my symptoms came less and less. Until I had years of normalcy. Normalcy with a difference. I am much more spiritual now than I was before my Kundalini Awakening.

For eight long years I hardly had any symptoms and I actually missed them. Once I realize that these symptoms were for my benefit, they were not scary anymore.

The next thing I am about to bring up really did happen. I am not making it up. This happened in the Spring of 2011 I enjoy ghost hunting and there is a haunted cemetery that I like to investigate. I was standing in a darker part of the cemetery looking around and I felt a breeze against me. It felt like someone was patting my stomach. I backed up and moved away. I just dismissed it as the wind but then I began to feel very warm. It was a cool spring night and I began to sweat. I started to feel weak. I went to my car and went home. As I drove I was pouring sweat and the front and the back of my Solar plexus was hot. It took me a little time realize that this was Kundalini related. I tried to think of every other rational thing it could be. I started to meditate and focus my energy there.

In November 2011 my Kundalini rose to my Solar Plexus. Some strange things happened the day it happened. I was at my pharmacy and a old couple came in and were confused about her insurance. They were walking out and she told him she needed to talk to me. I had no clue who this woman was. She asked me if I had any valium for sale? I said, sorry I don’t. She smiled and gave me this funny look and walked away. Her husband comes down the aisle and gives me this strange look and smiles and walks away. You probably have no idea what I look like but I don’t look like a drug dealer or a punk! I am a Forty year old woman! lol

That night I went to bed. I had the most vivid and terrifying dream of my life. I will not go into complete detail but at the end of the dream I am attacked by 7-8 Demon Possessed people and demon dogs. They have surrounded me and are kicking and punching me. I can feel the pain from the blows! A net is thrown over me and I am tied down. I wake up terrified. I felt strange, kinda off too. It took a couple days to realize my Kundalini had rose. You know something has changed but you don’t know what.

In November 2012 my Kundalini rose to my Heart Chakra. I was wide awake when it happened. IT literally felt like a snake about two fingers wide slowly went up my heart Chakra all the way up to my collar bone and it stopped there. It felt like two fingers were pressing down hard. It would come and go but I felt it each day.

Then about two weeks ago in January 3013, My Kundalini Rose to my Throat Charkra and it shot right up to a blockage near my Third Eye Chakra. For the first time in this journey, I was feeling pain. A Terrible headache. There was a spot right where the spine and skull meet that hurt! There was also pain on the back of my skull behind my third eye.

I will add more details as I get more time. I would like to hear about your Kundalini Awakening experiences! Just comment below!