Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

This blog entry is going to be a work in progress. I am going to write about the most common Kundalini Symptoms and the ones I have experienced. Please feel free to comment and tell me about your Kundalini symptoms. I will add new ones to my list.

Heat that radiates from within and seems to be the hottest at the Seven Chakras. This heat can be very intense. Some have described it like its a “Hot Flash” like menopausal women have. It can range from being pleasurable to unbearable.

Pressure along the Chakras.
Spontaneous Trance States
Feeling of energy going up your Chakras.
A rushing of water Sensation going up the Chakras.
Body Shakes and Trembling
Uncontrollable Contractions of your abdomen.
Spontaneous Orgasms
Spontaneous Yoga Positions
Moments of Bliss
Speaking in Tongues. Singing and Mantras in Foreign Languages
Uncontrollable Laughter or crying
Cool Energy spreading throughout your body.
Sore Throat and Choking Sensation
Traumatic Events feel fresh again.
Headaches that food or medicine won’t help.
Pain and Pressure where the spine and skull meet.
Pressure behind eyes
Pain and pressure on the back of the skull where the Third Eye is.
Creeping or ant like crawling sensations on your skin.
Unusual Food Cravings. A need for sugar, fat, and Protein.
Sudden Allergic Reactions to food.
Stomach upset.
Itchy Rashes near Kundalini Activity.
Times of Exhaustion and Energetic Phases.
Seeing lights
Seeing colors and geometric shapes when eyes closed.
Vivid Nightmares, Psychic Attacks

I know there are many more. Kundalini Awakening is very much a very personal and individual journey. Your symptoms might be dramatically different than someone else.

Also go to:

Denise has great Blog about Kundalini, Ascension and more. I say look at it with a open mind. I find her blog very interesting.

I hope this entry helps you realize that many symptoms could be your Kundalini Awakening. Feel free to comment and post your experiences with Kundalini.

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