Black Toe Nails

Its a common occurrence in people first Experiencing Kundalini to have intense energy in their feet and for one or both big toenails to turn black and fall off. Usually its the big toe on the left foot that is commonly experienced. This is a sign that Kundalini is active. Sometime after that the Kundalini … Continue reading Black Toe Nails

Deep Questions about Oneness and Nonduality.

I have been reading more Zen and Buddhist writings along with some writings on Yoga. See we are all one. The universe and everything in it are waves and frequencies of energy. Some can be seen and some cannot. Some are solid, some are liquid and some are gaseous. We all come from the same … Continue reading Deep Questions about Oneness and Nonduality.

Personal Changes

On Thanksgiving night my Mother took my sister and myself into a private room and told us about her serious medical issue. After numerous tests they discovered that the artery in her right neck was 80-90% blocked. She had a full blockage of the artery in her right leg but it had sprouted veins around … Continue reading Personal Changes

Nature, Animals and NonDualism.

Part of the Kundalini process is to go from a mindset of Duality to a mindset NonDuality. Nonduality means feeling no separation from The Universe or Higher Power. Its a belief that all things come from the same source. Every animal, plant or creature on this plant is actually part of us. We are all … Continue reading Nature, Animals and NonDualism.

Update: Pain and Kundalini, My Mistake!

Update 12-04-13 I ended up going to ER and was treated for a tooth abcess. Instead of suffering, I should had gotten checked out sooner. When You have Kundalini Symptoms regularly, its easy to think that actual medical problems are Kundalini related. I took a ten day course of amoxicillin and I am doing fine. … Continue reading Update: Pain and Kundalini, My Mistake!

Some interesting People and their Links. If you are interested in Zen or Buddhism, you will enjoy adyashanti's website. He has videos and writings. A well made website. Speaks about Non-duality, Shakti and Shiva. Great videos and writings. Check out David Spero's site!

Bruce Joel Rubin

Bruce Joel Rubin Morgan Hayes: I came across this very interesting youtube channel. He speaks of the absolute and totality. Check out his video and subscribe to his youtube channel. Bruce Joel Rubin was born in Detroit in 1943 and moved to New York to attend New York University Film School in the … Continue reading Bruce Joel Rubin